A remake of some coreutils for Linux with BSD flavor. These have been tested more or less on Debian x86 and x86_64. It does not intend to be an altenative to coreutils or anything serious although it may already serve so. This also contains some other utilies and toys for Linux and FreeBSD. It is distributed under the terms of the Berkeley Software Distribution License.


You can pull the code directly from git :

$ git clone git://
$ cd sunix
$ make
$ sudo make install

Tarballs are also available at
Though you can only get tagged versions from the master branch, which may be older than what you'll have through git.


The following list contains some of the available commands :

Non-coreutils :


You can report bugs, send patches and pull request on the github page at
You can also report bugs, send patches and request for new features at my email address .