Here are some of my projects. You can report bugs, request for support and features. You may also send your patches, fixes and ideas. Any help is welcome. If you don't like patching around, you can promote the projects, integrate them into distributions, write documentation, translate in some cases. I generally have other projects and development can sometimes be stalled for weeks or months but I always find time to answer on the trackers, mails, review submissions and integrate patches.

Name Description License
Pidgin-PBar A Pidgin toolbar to update some account settings globally GPLv3
SAR Simple ARchive BSD
SUnix Simple Unix Utilities BSD
Squidward Analyse squid's log files GPLv3
RPNC A basic RPN calculator from command line BSD
Imlib2-WebP A webp loader for imlib2 BSD
WSN-Tools Wireless Sensor Networks Sniffer Tools GPLv3
GTranslate A quick interface to translation tools GPLv3
Gallery A static HTML gallery generator GPLv3