Pidgin PBar

This Pidgin plugin adds a toolbar to the buddy list to quickly update nickname, personal message, icon, status and mood. It also allows updating the current song and other parameters which are updated globally on all accounts that support them. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.


The current version support updating the following parameters :

However some parameters are not supported by all protocols, see the documentations page for details. These parameters are updated globally for all accounts, this is only possible with some of them on Pidgin or even impossible to change at all from the default interface.


From binary

Download the precompiled binary archive (see the download section). Extract this archive in your current directory, it contains several directories with the precompiled shared library for different platforms. Select the appropriate file and copy it to ~/.purple/plugins. On windows, however, the file would be pbar.dll and the plugins directory should be C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins.

You can then select and activate the plugin from Pidgin.

From sources

You will need a C compiler like gcc, make and the following dependencies :

On Debian use the following command as root to install the required packages :

# aptitude install pidgin-dev libgtk2.0-dev pkg-config make gcc libc6-dev

Whether you use the latest version or the development version installation method is similar, once you're in the source directory enter the following command :

$ make
$ sudo make install

This will install the plugin and locales. The following flags are also available to enable/disable somes features :

Please take advice that BSD make probably won't work, you need to use gmake instead.



You can download the source code for the latest tagged version which is 0.3. The following tarballs are also available :


Precompiled binary versions are also available with pbar-binary-0.3.tar.bz2 though they only contain the shared library without translations files. This archive contains the shared library compiled for the following architecture :

For installation of these binary see the installation section.

As you can see many distribution and/or other OS are missing from this list. The binaries are provided here as there is still no official maintainers for any distributions. You can tell me if you maintain or plan to maintain official packages for a specific platform and I'll list them here along with instructions specific to the concerned platform.

A installer for Windows x86 is also available with Pidgin-PBar_0.3.exe.


You can pull the code directly from git here git:// though snapshot of the master branch are also available at

$ git clone git://

Older versions

Older versions of the source code are still available through the git repository or as tarballs :

And older binaries are also available :


You can report bugs, send patches and pull request on the github page at
You can also report bugs, send patches and request for new features at my email address .